“A compelling, tragic and grace-filled story of life in an Indian slum community. Trudy Smith gives an honest account of her joy, fear, faith and discouragement while journeying alongside some of the most marginalized people on our planet today. In the process she learns to love herself, her neighbors and her God with greater authenticity.”

  —Scott Bessenecker, author of The New Friars and Overturning Tables

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“Beautifully written, the reader is drawn into the inner lives and outer world of Trudy and her husband Andy as they seek to serve Christ in an Indian slum. This is a story of faithfulness in the face of seeming failure. No young idealistic Westerner who is planning overseas service can do without this book.”

    —Charles Ringma, theologian, activist, and author of In the Footsteps of an Ancient Faith

“Filled with beautiful, messy stories and honest reflections about faith, God in Disguise is a journey toward the deep, unexplainable hope that comes only through real-life experiences that go beyond scriptural platitudes or blind certainty. Trudy’s story will bring hope and connection to those longing to find God in the most unlikely places.”

     —Kathy Escobar, Co-Pastor of The Refuge and author of Faith Shift: Finding Your Way Forward When Everything you Believe is Coming Apart

“Few people have travelled so far, geographically, and spiritually, as Trudy. Her compelling story is about the quest to rediscover the true teachings of Jesus, a journey that takes us from suburban America to the slums of India. In the process, we are deeply challenged and inspired to live a different way. A story beautifully told.”

         —Craig Greenfield, author of Subversive Jesus and founder of Alongsiders International


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